STEP 1: Reach Out & Submit

Select the service or package bundle that best suits you and your project needs. Submit the Service Request and necessary items.
Submit your song/work file with BPM – via online or US Mail (ex: Client Last Name – Song Title – bpm) FOR BEST RESULTS, the song file must be recorded to a click track. Additional charges for songs exceeding 5 minutes. Work files should be clean, and not have pre-recorded drums! If you have drums you want to share as a reference, please submit those separately as a separate reference file. For Instrument Tracking orders, please submit any written charts already completed

Submit a reference file (if applicable)

We will then get in contact with you to discuss your order and confirm service. Once we receive deposit, we will then go to work on your tracks!

Once we receive your agreement/deposit, we will schedule you when your time block becomes available. Once scheduled, the 7-day clock will commence and we will go to work on your project!

STEP 2: Preview and Sign Off On Your Tracks

Select which take you like best!
Once initial takes are completed and ready for you, follow the link for the non-mixed mp3 preview file along with your accompanying work file as the backing track.

Sign off on your favorite! OR

Elect to have Rising Moon Music submit up to 3 additional recorded retakes for your song.

You will continue to have open communication with us amongst any additional retakes.

Any additional recorded retakes beyond the allotted 3, will incur additional fee(s) and may extend the service timeline.

If Mixing & Sweetening was NOT purchased, proceed with STEP 3!        If Mixing & Sweetening WAS purchased, RMM will now go to work on mixing.

STEP 3: Receive Your Tracks!

If Mixing & Sweetening was NOT purchased:
  • Pay remaining invoice balance
  • Receive your tracks and enjoy!

    If Mixing & Sweetening WAS purchased:
  • Preview and/or sign off on your mixed tracks with work file accompaniment.
  • Provide any feedback if further modifications are necessary
  • Sign off on those modifications
  • Pay remaining invoice balance
  • Receive your tracks and enjoy!