Process Options

Not Mixed

For this Not Mixed option, you will receive the raw, unprocessed files. These files and tracks may be comped and/or edited, but they are not mixed. This way, you’ll receive the unprocessed tracks, which you can mix yourself, or take elsewhere for mixing. For this option, you will receive: 

  • All raw and unprocessed mono files.
  • The low quality bounced mp3 stereo track sent for preview.

Mixed & Sweetened

For only an extra $25 more, you can have Rising Moon Music mix your drum tracks in-house. The drum sound for this Mixed & Sweetened option, including overall ambiance and reverb, reflects only my personal mixing preferences, but can also serve as a starting point for you if you’re still unsure of how you want your drums to be mixed. The end product will be mixed and tailored to YOUR preferences and mixing needs.

For this option, you’ll receive:

  • A clean, edited, polished, and full sounding .wav stereo file processed with all the necessary sweetening treatments for your project which can include: EQ, compression, gating, effects (i.e. reverb), parallel compression, parallel EQ, any necessary automation, bus processing, etc.
  • The lower quality bounced mp3 stereo track sent for preview.

With this option, just drag-and-drop the finished drums directly into your session, regardless of DAW! 


Sample #1: Listen to what the Mixed & Sweetened package can sound like! Clip from artist tracking session.

Sample #2: Original work written by Rising Moon Music client Joe Harrington. (Clip from artist demo tracking session, and used with artist’s permission.)

Sample #3: Mix preview clip for Rising Moon Music client Alison Reynolds. Clip from artist cover mix session “All Along the Watchtower”.    

Also, Check our YouTube Channel to hear additional mixing examples from our drum covers!

Mixed Drum Stems

In the creative process that can constantly change as you go, it’s impossible for me to know exactly how your project will evolve after my services are complete (i.e. like how many additional instruments/production will be added, and how those instruments will potentially interact with the drums, etc). Your mixed drums that start off sounding fairly wet (noticeable amount of ambience and reverb) can quickly become quite dry – more than preferred, by adding additional instruments and production layers. 

To avoid this problem down the line, you can purchase mixed drum stems (with your Mixed & Sweetened drum tracking service package) so you, or your producer/engineer can adjust and rebalance the dry/wetness level as you go, ensuring you maintain your desired drum sound as your project progresses. 

Pre-Mix Option

*Option only available during promotional periods. To take advantage and be eligible, please join our mailing list, and subscribe to our Youtube channel! This option is not available to the general public.

If you don’t want your tracks fully mixed, but still want them sounding good upon receipt, opt to receive your files Pre-Mixed at no additional cost when you purchase a Not Mixed service package. 

Pre-mixed drum tracks may have undergone necessary comping and/or editing, but they are still not fully mixed. These tracks are not printed, or come with effects such as reverb, delay, etc., nor are they processed with automation or put through any bus or parallel processing. 

In addition to being edited and/or comped, and at the discretion of the client, individual mono tracks can include, but are not limited to having: EQ, compression, gating, phase correction, etc.