About Us

Get To Know Me

Music and sports have always been a constant presence in my life. I started playing basketball at age 3, baseball along-side basketball for 7 years, competitive swimming in high school and football in college. As you can see, I have been heavily involved in athletics since I could practically walk! But, I knew that when my dad bought me my first drum set in 8th grade, my life would never be the same. He kept all the boxes for it because he thought I’d get bored within a few months and he’d return it and get his money back. Twenty-two years later, I’m still rocking out on that original kit!  Sorry Dad…

Who's Your Drummer?

Once I set up my aforementioned drum kit, I learned to play drums by ear through listening to my albums and replicating my favorite fills and grooves. Fast-forward 8 years later to 2007 when I was invited to become a drummer at a growing church in Glendora, California near my college at Azusa Pacific University.

My church allowed me to really hone and advance my skills as a drummer. Besides gaining additional technical insights on playing the drums, I also had the privilege of playing and collaborating with top-level musicians.


Serving Others

In addition to drumming as a ministry for church, I have also collaborated and created drum tracks for our worship leader’s original songs, as well as with other artists outside of the church setting. Over the last 3 to 4 years, I have created various drum tutorial videos for our church’s new songs, or songs that were to be re-arranged for service context. This is where I caught the recording and mixing/music production bug. 

From there, I decided to create Rising Moon Music knowing that I could help producers, other engineers and musicians out there who are time constrained, or on a budget, yet still want to get their music and unique messages shared with the world. As a creative myself, I want to help other creatives produce the best product possible without having to account for extra costs including: studio rental, set-up time, engineer, hiring additional musicians, etc. I ensure a quality-produced/played product without you having to rent out expensive studio space, or having to pick up and move to Nashville, New York, or here to LA to find quality tracking services or talent for your music. 

When I’m not recording/mixing music, I enjoy spending time with my wife and giant 22 lb Ragdoll Siamese cat Merlin in sunny Southern California.